Friday, July 30, 2010

Going Home!

Ok so I have one more afternoon here left. By the time anyone reads this I will be on my way home. Hope you all are sleeping well. This afternoon we are having a picnic and games for teenagers. During that we will be sharing God's love and reaching to more people. Pray that it went well.

Tonight after the picnic we get on a train ride to St. Petersburg. I then go from the train station straight to the airport. I then fly to London stay in a hotel overnight, Praise God for air conditioning! I will be back in the states sunday night at 6 pm. I then go straight to Hume Lake Christian Camps where I will be a high school counselor for one week. Crazy I know. I will be updating my blog while at Hume as well to share what is going on over there. Thank you for reading and praying. It is your prayers that have made this time in Russia what it is. Without youк prayers this would not have worked. THANK YOU!!!!

Prayer Request:
Safe travel home

That all the seeds planted here can be sown

That Jet lag doesnt hit me to hard while at camp and that I have some kind of energy.

Again thank you anв Slava Bogu for all the work that he has done!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

So tired!

So the last two days have been long and tiring. This is not going to be very long. Things have been going really well. I have had some more great conversations which has been great. I just got done playing volleyball and now its time for dinner. Thanks for reading this short update haha. Keep praying! We need it.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Jean- Luc

Today was a rough day. I woke up very tired and very lethargic. After I realized that I was just a smidge cranky (and by that I mean a lot) I went off on my own and had a quiet time with God. I read a journal full of inspiring Bible quotes and encouraging words that a friend made for me to read while on my trip. It helped me so much change my attitude and remember why I was here. I also have been going through Daniel again which is just an amazing book.

This morning was very slow due to my bad attitude but this afternoon was great. I met a French couple who are Christian and here on holiday. The husband Jean-Luc is studying to be a pastor and I will be hopefully meeting with them when I go to Paris in October. God has blessed me with them and I cant wait to see what we can do together to further God's kingdom! Praise God! So overall slow day but God taught me a lesson and blessed me. Amen!

Prayer Requests:
Pray that tomorrow I have a better attitude!!!

Pray for more divine appointments

Pray for health, there about 4 sick people on our team right now.

Thank you for your prayers and thoughts. God Bless!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Holy Cow!

Ok where to start. Yesterday before church me and 2 Russian guys from our group went to the store in Petro. On the way back I mentioned that we should evangelize some becasue we had a few hours before church. We talked to 3 people in the first group. One of the people said that he wanted to change his LIFE! we invited him to church and he Came!!!!! So amazing. He spent the whole day with us. Literally all day until about 8 pm. He stayed for lunch and dinner and life was great. Ok so on to group two. I talked to brothers, Andrei and Dennis. Andrei has been in jail for something that he would not share with me. He mentioned that he could not go to heaven because he had to much sin in his life. I shared the gospel with him and Dennis and they were sooo receptive. Praise the Lord. They did not come to know the Lord but they want too want to know more. I am meeting with them later this week, pray that they too may come to know the Lord.

Ok so this morning me and a 2 others again went out to evangelize! So amazing! We met with a few others and had some amazing talks. We met with a boy named Greg and spent the day with him talking about God's love. He had lunch with us and and is still here for dinner. At the park this afternoon we met two girls who played volleyball with us. After volleyball I shared the gospel with them and they seemed very receptive! Again did not come to the Lord but promised to come back tomorrow to learn more. I am so excited for this. Praise God for everything that is happening here! I am so excited for whats going on and for what will happen.

Prayer Requests:
Pray for Andrei and Dennis! That I may get another chance to speak with them and share God's love some more.

Pray for Igor who is alcoholic that came to church sunday.

Pray for the two girls that I shared the Gospel with. Pray that they come back with questions and continue to be open the word!

Pray for more divine appointments!!!!!

Slava Bogu! Praise the Lord for all the work being done here in Petro! One of the hardest places in all of Russia to share God's love!

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Ok so I am here in Petrozavodsk. This is the tough week of ministry. The church planter that we are working with has decided to leave the area. This is sad sad news. Julian is an amazing man of God and a great leader. Remember that Petro is one of the toughest places to evangalize in all of Russia. That is why we are here. Praise God for the challenge and Praise God for all the work that will be done in his name this week. Keep us in your prayers and on your thoughts. We traveled 15 hours from pskov to get here and now we have church in like an hour. I am very tired but God gives me strength to move on.

Praise he who is holy, the king of kings, the I am. God protect us this week and use us here as your tools to do your work! Slava Bogu! Praise God!

Prayer Request:
Petro is one of the hardest places to evangelise pray that we can be used this week.

Pray for more energy. We are very tired!

Pray for Julian and his family (the church planter) he is leaving but doesnt know where to yet.

Thank you everyone for your prayers and thoughts. God Bless! Amen!

Friday, July 23, 2010

5 People!

Ok so the final count is that no less than 5 people have commited there lives to Christ this week. Another 4 are expected to be seen in church this Sunday! Slava Bogu!!! This week has seemed soooo long when broken into days but yet seemed so short. I cant believe that my time in pskov is over, off to petrozavodsk tomorrow. This week has been such a blessing from God. I know now that this is what I am meant to do. I want to help the people of Russia the best I can. I have made so many friendships and talked to so many people about God. He has truly blessed me and this trip! Uhhhh I cant even begin to explain the things that God is doing here! I have a long day ahead of myself tomorrow and need some sleep. So good night! I hope to be online in the next couple of days to update somemore. Tomorrow is a 5 hour drive to st. petersburg than a 11 hour train ride to petro. Pray for safe travel and good rest, WE NEED IT! Slava Bogu, Amen!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

What a day!

Today has been such an interesting day. First off last night was amazing. We have had 2 people repent so far this week in pskov, and many others have had a seed planted. Praise God for all he has done this week. Today we had a trash pick up and the batoot "jolly jump" was in the courtyard. The kids love the batoot and have never seen one before. This morning was also a great time for sharing God's message with others and just loving on the people of pskov. I am praying particularly hard for a man named Roman. Roman is an alcoholic who believes there is no God. He once was married and was a police man. He and his wife had a child and they lost the child. She divorced him and he began drinking very heavily. His drinking became to much of a problem and he was kicked off the police force. I have grown very close to this man and he says that he normally doesnt get this close with others. I have shared God's love with him but he still doenst want to believe. I pray that Roman can find the happiness that I do in the Lord and come to know his love.

Today after the ministry in the courtyard we went to a very beautiful orthodox monostary. It was kind of weird being there but it was very nice all the same. Me and my loud voice and very loud laugh of course drew a little to much attention to the monks and people in the church. O well, not everyone loves americans. After that we went to someone datcha which is a house outside of the city. At the house we had a bana "sauna" which may have been the hottest I have ever been. At its coolest its was 85 degrees celcius which is about 130 F. Very hot! It was an awesome day and tomorrow we are going to a near by village to do just evangalism! I cant wait! I am so excited and feel so blessed to be here! God is so amazing and great! Slave Bogu "praise God."

Prayer Request:
pray that evangalism goes well in the village tomorrow

Pray for Roman that he may come to know the Lord

Pray for Jim as he is not sleeping well (my boss)

Pray that God blesses pskov and the ministry here.

2 people have come to know the Lord this week. Slava Bogu!!!!!

ok well its 11:20 here at night and I am tired. I probably wont be able to update until Sunday so good night and be in prayer for us! Amen!